Ceramic Coatings & Protectants

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Ceramic Coatings & Protectants

Ceramic Coatings & Protectants Paint Correction is the process of removing swirls, scratches, and other defects that make the gloss and depth of your paint decrease.

Ceramic Coatings Options


Ceramic Coating is a specialized quartz coating that will enhance, and make cleaning in the future easier. The longevity listed are based on daily driven vehicles in all weather for 15k miles. These rating can last longer with proper maintenance.

• 6-9+ month (entry level) coating $125

• 12+ month (2 layer entry level) coating $225

• 24+ month (1 layer premium level) coating $375

• 36+ month ( 2 layer premium) coating $550

• 48+ month ( 3 layer premium) coating $775


Wheel Coat protects your rims from brake dust and helps keep them cleaner longer. No longer need to use strong wheel cleaners, you can easily clean wheels with your soap and water solution. Light agitation may be needed for dirtier wheels.

• 12-36+ month coating $300 – $500

• New wheels $200 – $400



GlassParency protects exterior windows from contaminates and also works to provide water beading to increase visibility during rainy weather.

• 3+ months $50


Fabric Coating protects your interior fabrics from staining and creates a water 

resistant barrier.

• Car / Crossover Starting at $75

• SUV / Large Starting at $100


Leather conditioning protects your interior leather from staining, fading, cracking and creates a water resistant barrier.

• Car / Crossover Starting at $75

• SUV / Large Starting at $100

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